The conference

The conference aims to regroup african researchers working in the field of dynamical systems in a borad sense.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the conference will be held online.


Please notice that the registration deadline is 31/12/2020.  (Closed)

Plenary Speakers

Pr El Hadi Ait Dads, Cadi Ayyad University, Morroco.

Pr Svetlin Georgiev, Sofia University, Bulgaria.

Pr. Jarkko Kari , Turku University, Finland.

Pr Mohsen Miraoui, IPEI Kairouan. Tunisia.

Pr J. Leonel Rocha Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa. Portugal

Pr Karim Yadi, Tlemcen University, Algeria.

Dr Maryam Hosseini, IMPAM Isphahan, Iran.


Conference Topics

Two sessions are planned 

Session  1 : Ordinary differential equations and continuous dynamical systems

Session 2 : Discrete dynamical systems

Scientific committee

Pr Nourredine Akroune 

Pr Ahmed Berboucha

Pr  Karima Mebarki 

Dr Fatiha Boulahia

Dr Nadia Mohdeb

Organizing committee

Pr Ahmed Berboucha

Dr Leila Baiche

Dr Mohand Bouraine

Dr Rezki Chemlal

Dr Hacene Gharout


Subscription fees

Algerian participants : 1000 Dzd

Other participants :  7 euros.

Online user: 1